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Sport: a real victory for women

Martial arts in Herat City

by Sakhi Attaee e Rooz Zia

Sport:vera concquista per le donne

This reportage is about a gymnasium where Afghan women practice Karate, Wisho, Taekwondo, Full Contact and other martial arts. Many people may think that these activities are only for men, especially in such a country. However they are indeed very popular in Afghanistan particularly among young women.
Marzia Khawari is the coach of the gymnasium. She is only 17 years old and she has been coaching Full Contact for 2 years. She has already won several medals in competitions both in Afghanistan and Iran. According to Marzia, the young girls who train in her gymnasium are very lucky as it is not a general rule for women to practice sport. It must be considered that Afghan society is still very traditional and that their values are very different from the western world in fact even practicing sport here is a real victory for women.

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